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Classmates in the Library
"I have worked with Tutor Scholar for one year now and it has been a wonderful experience. This company cares about students needs and provides many different teaching styles in order to suit each individual. Tutor Scholar allowed me to become a tutor and gain experience working with children for my future teaching career. This journey allowed me to connect with each student, help them grow and achieve their goals, work on making improvements overtime, and work on skills to better them for the future. Each tutor who works for Tutor Scholar has a passion working with children and the company allows us to share our passion for teaching with others. Tutor Scholar is organized, professional, has an amazing group of individuals, works as a team, is reliable and has all of the tools to help students achieve their goals."

Rita Nicoletti, Tutor

Our Team Roles

Our staff at Tutor Scholar are diverse and skilled individuals who take pride in their work. Tutor Scholar offers a rewarding career path through educational and occupational training. Your work at Tutor Scholar will be enriching the lives of students through science, math, language or a variety of other subject matter. To join our team, contact us today.




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